House Show Preview

We are always trying to find unique and inventive ways to add to any shows we play and house shows are no exception. In fact the idea of being as close as possible with our supporters allows us to really take to heart the experience as a whole. As we put our heads together the idea was born.....

On our upcoming tour runs we will be implementing what we like to call video projection/mapping using out of date technology. We scavenged our local thrifts stores to find out dated televisions and using old school tech mixed with modern tech have created a quirky visual for our shows. 

Our main objective is to write music that is God glorifying. We don't ever want to take away from our main focus, but we do believe that Christian artists should be the ones pushing the boundaries on creativeness and ingenuity. In fact our Creator is the greatest artist in the entire universe. We hope you will join us to worship Jesus and to see what we have created for you to experience. To God be the glory forever and ever.



Cameron Wood